The ultimate long distance running experience 

CasaAdriana is an altitude training facility located in the Guatemalan Highlands of Tecpan at 7500 feet of elevation. A region ideal as the most popular altitude running places in the world like Colorado USA, Toluca Mexico or El Doret Kenya.  Tecpan Guatemala and their people will give you the experience of a lifetime. 100% safe, conveniently located just 2 hours by car from Guatemala City, La Aurora International Airport and 50 minutes drive from Antigua, Guatemala a designated  UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as 60 minutes drive to Lake Atitlan, one of the most or if not, the most beautiful freshwater lake in the globe.  


The camp is ideal and designed for those running an end of the year marathon or anyone who is trying to take their running to the next level.  Most of the runners run between 3:30 to sub 3 hours marathons however all levels are welcomed. Our marathon training camps are design with the goal in mind to run between 18 and 21 miles per day in 2 sessions (am/pm). We have daily  shuttles  from La Aurora Airport to CasaAdriana for the convenience of everyone who arrives to the base camp during the week in different days. 


The schedule 

Tuesday 12 

Arrival and pick up of the first group at La Aurora Airport Guatemala 

Late afternoon at arrival 7-8 mile run 

Wednesday 13

Am 8- 10 mile run 

12-1pm runners pick up at La Aurora Airport 

Pm  8-10 mile run 

Thursday 14 

Am 8- 10 mile run 

12-1pm runners pick up at La Aurora Airport 

Pm  8-10 mile run 

Friday 15

Am 8- 10 mile run 

12-1pm runners pick up at La Aurora Airport ( this is the flight (day) we provide shuttle service)

Pm  8-10 mile run 

Saturday 16

Am  19-20 mile long run 

Pm  rest 

Sunday 17 

Am 7-8 mile run 

We travel back to La Aurora Airport shortly after the run 


The camp is an all included experience  which includes: 

- Shuttle and transportation on a comfortable brand new Toyota Hice

-Fresh local foods, fresh coffee and snacks available 24/7 

- Local cook who helps prepare all the warm food

- The know how on how to achieve and get the best results of high altitude long distance running lead by Cobi Morales. 

- Comfortable beds and amenities with all services 

- Free wifi (limited to connect with loved ones, upload photos, social media etc) 

- Pacers to help you find the way in case you feel like slowing down or wanted to do a shorter run day. They are there to always help you find your way. 

- Photographer to catch some of the most amazing moments 

CasaAdriana has a complete staff who is there for us 24/7. Anything you need they are there for your service. We take pride of the service and knowledge we provide  for just a fraction of the price than any other running camp can provide. 


The all included experience is $120 per night.  


**Airfare is not included**

Airlines tickets range between $260 to $350 usd depends from where you travel. If you live in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Airport has the cheapest prices followed by Miami airport. If you travel from Fort Lauderdale you choose Spirit Airlines (one flight per day only) that departs at 10:34am and if you travel from Miami airport you choose the AA flight that departs at 12:19pm and arrives at 2:03pm and departs at 3:30pm and arrives back in Miami at 7:11pm  IF YOU ARE TRAVELING FROM A DIFFERENT PLACE WE CAN ARRANGE THE PICK UP AS WELL. 

To reserve and secure your spot in advance please contact Cobi Morales directly at:

(786) 2699192 (whatsapp ok)  

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